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At Marshall & Associates Insurance Ltd., we work on your behalf in finding the best price/coverage combination available.  We have qualified licensed insurance broker’s at your disposal and we answer the telephone and deal with your inquiry in person and immediately.

Vehicle Insurance is mandatory in the province of New Brunswick for all vehicles that are driven on any public street or highway.  Therefore, every vehicle owner is obligated by the Motor Vehicle Act to insure his/her vehicle.

The price of vehicle insurance is determined by a combination of factors and the most important of these factors is the driving record/experience of the driver/owner.


For most of us, our single largest lifetime investment will be the purchase of our home.  Most of us borrow a lot of money (mortgage) just to get started toward home ownership (all lenders insist that you insure the mortgaged property).  Most home insurance companies offer standardized policy forms, formulated to cover most things that could possibly happen; unfortunately, the policy that covers “everything” that could possibly happen has yet to be created.

At Marshall & Associates Insurance Ltd., our licensed qualified brokers know how vital and important home insurance is to you and your future.  We also know what is covered and not covered and you can be confident that we will explain the differences to you at your convenience.


From the abattoir to the zipper maker (A to Z) everything is insurable; however, some things cost more to insure than others.  Fact #1: most business owners are obligated to carry a commercial insurance policy. Fact #2: most business owners constantly keep their eye on the “cost” of doing business.  Fact #3: most business owners have never requested a business insurance quotation from anybody other than their current broker.

This is why Marshall & Associates Insurance Ltd. has introduced our no obligation “competitive quotation” program.  This program will give you the best price that we have available and quoted exactly against the coverage’s that you are currently carrying, totally transparent and no obligations.  Just give us a call, fax or email and we will take care of the details.

formContract Bonding

Bid bonds, Performance bonds, Labor & Material bonds, Maintenance Bonds; all of these may seem complicated.  Remember, doing business successfully is a complicated matter and hiring the correct people to deal with these complications is an absolute necessity in any business.  Would a pre-approved bonding account help your business?  We know how and we will work for you; with your help we will arrange a pre-approved Bonding account.


Just about everything within our Maritime region is delivered by or arrives on a truck.  Keeping these “wheels of industry” moving is a seemingly ever increasing and expensive proposition.  Fuel cost, maintenance cost, employee remuneration, insurance cost, it seems like everything just keeps going up and that is simply the way it is. However, when was the last time you shopped the available market sources?  When is the last time you asked for a no obligation “competitive fleet quotation” from a licensed broker other than the one that you are currently using?  Contact us and we will take care of the details.